Boarding the Streetcar

Pedestrians can use rust colored markings on the pavement at the stop as a guide to where to board. Streetcar passenger doors will align with those marks. Enter Sun Link through those doors.

Passenger seats are on either side of streetcar. Standing room with hand rails and straps is also available.

Service animals are welcome on the streetcar with their handlers.

Boarding Sun Link

If you have a Disability

that prevents you from stepping up to board the streetcar, look for the yellow pavement markings at each stop.  Those marks indicate the location of the ADA entrance for the streetcar.

When the streetcar stops, push the blue ADA accessibility button by the door. It triggers a ramp and doors will open automatically.

ADA Boarding

ADA Baording_2

Please note, this ramp is only for people with disabilities who cannot step onto the streetcar.

As you enter, you’ll find designated areas for you to ride.

When you want to exit at a stop, you have two options to trigger the ramp: Press the round blue ADA accessibility button, or press the blue accessibility bar.


Cyclists dismount and wheel your bike to the stop. You’ll enter the same streetcar doors as pedestrians.

bike boarding

Look for seats that face each other and locate the yellow handle on the corner of the seat. Flip the seat up. Now you have room to stand with your bike.

Flip the Seat

You’ll stand with your bike on board. There is a designated area in the center of the streetcar for you to stand with your bike.

Bike on Board

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