The Sun Link Tucson Streetcar was our city's largest construction project ever and it has already made positive impacts:

  • 500 construction jobs created
  • 1500 + new housing units 
  • 50+ new restaurants, bars & cafes along the route
  • $63 million+ in streetcar federal funds
  • $800 million invested from the private sector to-date along the route
  • 8 "Made in America" streetcar vehicles

More Transit Options

  • 100,000 people live and work within a half mile of the route.
  • Sun Link has improved transit service, adding service frequency, hours and capacity.
  • Sun Link is integrated with Sun Tran bus route and the UA’s Cat Tran system.
  • The Sun Link-Sun Tran system has one easy to use, card swipe fare system.
  • Sun Link is part of a regional plan that includes new bike lanes and paths, sidewalks and greenways.

Green Thumbprint

  • All-electric streetcar vehicles help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Approximately 148 passengers per vehicle.
  • Riding Sun Link will reduce trips by bus and personal vehicle, thus reducing congestion and pollution.

Background Information and Studies